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  • It was an eye opener to realize that I am renting my lifestyle. I am now motivated to start tonight and find the accelerator and eradicate my debt.
    Ref Makolo
  • Because of ignorance and not applying my mind one will pay a big price on the mistakes that we have already made. I also wish I could have done this course before I bought my house, I am glad I have learned so much, I will apply the knowledge in future.
    Patience Mabunda
  • The most profound statements that changed our mindset we ever had the privilege to hear, and the most devastating to what we were leaded to believe. It is said that bankers, agents and advisors knows what's best - or so we were told and we believed them. Now we know we can be so very rich (knowledge, freedom, understanding) by just taking control over what we want. The course was the best investment we ever made in our selves. Thank you Hannes.
    D&A Fourie
  • I am in the process of starting my own business from scratch, including relocating my family to do this. You're enthusiasm and knowledge has given me even more determination to succeed. I realize I have got to make it work by implementing your principals at the same time enjoy it. I have also learned to evaluate and calculate before making decisions. I will be having another look at my portfolio tonight. Thank you for the manner in which you presented the seminar.
    G du Bruin
  • I applied what I learned in the Formula For Riches. I limited my risk to less than $15 and made more than 21000% growth within the first year on my investment. This is a fabulous and easy way to learn how to make money fast.
    Gideon Le Roux
  • I calculated the IRR - (Internal Rate of Return)-  on my investment over three years as 22860% - a stunning twenty two thousand eight hundred and sixty per cent. By applying the Formula For Riches the smaller the investment the higher our IRR Just as you explain in your Formula For Riches. This Formula is really AMAZING
    Gletwyn Rubidge