Are you sick and tired of debt?

Discover How To Wipe All Your Debt (Including Your Mortgage, Car And Credit Cards) In 5 To 7 Years…

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Does Your Debt Worry You?

You're Not Alone…

But you DO have a reason to worry, because right now your debt is eating away at your future even when you’re asleep -24/7, 365 days a year...

And it’s sucking the life out of your financial freedom and your quality of life later in retirement.

Does it seem like every time you’re about to get back on your feet, or come into some extra money, something unexpected pops up that makes saving for the future nearly impossible?

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone…

Do you know that if you have debt you are just a modern day slave?

Let me tell you how I made this discovery and how this discovery will help you!

In 1984 my life was going well, as I saw it at the time - I was happily married to Tanja, I was the top-selling Old Mutual salesman in my branch.

Tanja was a prosecutor. We were a two income family, doing nicely.

For a boy who sometimes went to school without shoes and who failed his matric (Grade 12), I was doing more than nicely – I was doing brilliantly.

We were well-established middle class.

We had the cars, the house, the income - the complete lifestyle.

But we also had the debt – the mortgage (bond), credit cards, car payment plans...

Like I said... solidly middle class.

We felt secure, like the middle class does. And our house was central to our feeling of security.

As a good salesman I was in a strong position.

I knew I could easily bring in enough to pay for all of this, every month.

Until Something Changed.

In short… a colleague stole a sale of mine and got the commission.

I was more than a little upset, as you can imagine. I was not going to be stolen from like that. I told my district manager what had happened, but he was not prepared to reverse the commission.

Nor was his boss, the branch manager.

The client was just as angry at being duped. He went to the police station with me where I signed an affidavit of what had happened. I took it to my district manager who gave it to the branch manager.

I was convinced that I was going to receive my commission.

Just after 2pm on that Monday afternoon I was called into the branch manager’s office.

Confident that justice would finally be done, I marched in.

Instead of giving me the good news about my commission, the branch manager told me that I was fired and instructed me me to hand over my car keys to the district manager before the end of the day and to transfer my bond from the then Perm Building Society into my own name…

unless I went back to the client, tore up the affidavit and told the client that I was in the wrong.

That was the day I discovered the “SYSTEM”.

I was paying for two cars, but it was officially the company’s cars. So in short the car repayments were mine, but the asset – the car – was theirs.

The company stood surety for my house, so as with the the cars, while the mortgage was all mine, the asset was not!

I went from hero to zero in 10 seconds. Maybe 5. They had me over a barrel and they knew it.

In the short term, it worked, because I had to back down.

In the long term, it was a mistake on their part, because in a flash I made the greatest discovery of my life…

I have been conned into believing a financial lie…

We are NOT FREE – even if you work for yourself – because if you have any form of debt, you are

The main reason why I worked was to pay off my debt.

At that stage, because Tanja was also working, more than 80% of my income went to repay our debt.

This simply means that debt is an undercover form of slavery because most people never realize that the main reason that they work is to pay their debts.

It is the chain of debt that are enslaving them.

The crazy thing is that most people are so indoctrinated that they actually like debt. They embrace it and willingly increase it, year after year, until it dictates their every waking moment.

Standing before the branch manager that afternoon in February 1984 I realized that I was being pushed around and bullied by puppet-masters who pretend to satisfy your every desire – all of this while they set you up for financial meltdown.

I was kept bondaged – not so much by my work, but by my own debt.

You may say “what has this have to do with me?” You have a good job, a boss that will never fire you, a house, great cars, a wonderful marriage and great kids. You take two vacations a year, go to the movies, attend sporting events, play video games and have lots of friends...


By now some of you are realizing that this down-right sneaky form of slavery is a big part of your lifestyle.

However, to most people in South Africa the problem is not as subtle.

The extent of the problem in South Africa

In South Africa, the household-debt-to-income ratio is around 78% (more than double the banks’ allowed maximum of 36%), leaving an average of R22 out of every R100 that South Africans earn each month (after tax) to buy food, clothing, toiletries etc. pay school fees as well as for water and electricity, insurance, entertainment, holidays etc…

No wonder the rate of household saving has declined to virtually nothing.

South African families are in crisis, with 60% of economically active people unable to meet one or more of their debt obligations each month.

Why? Because they’ve been spending more than they earn.

Why? Because that’s what having access to credit allows them to do… and so they do.

The result of this is that very few people have emergency savings because the money that should be going into your savings every month is used to pay towards your debt.

Did I use the word “savings”?

For most people cash flow and emergency savings are low to almost zero.

In fact, more than 75% of all South Africans have less than one month's income set aside for emergency spending.

That's why, just when you think you may finally be on top of the situation, an unexpected medical or automobile expense can throw you right back under the bus.

Not only are most people not putting away enough savings for later in life when they’ll need it, but they are throwing away the opportunity to fix the problem.

And most painful of all are the choices you have to make every day because your cash flow is too low due to your debts and your payment obligations.

Chances are you find yourself having to...

  • Live paycheck-to-paycheck
  • Say "NO" to the kids
  • Pass up new clothes
  • Cut back – or cut out – vacations
  • Make excuses with friends and neighbors
  • Keep driving that old car
  • Turn down invitations to join friends at restaurants
  • Hope and pray that a maxed-out card won’t embarrass you when you do use it
  • Miss out on many of the fun things in life

On that day in February 1984 I learned how debt really worked, and I never went back to my state of “ignorant bliss”.

And I try to make sure that I liberate as many other people as I can!

That was the last of me being a donkey in harness, reaping them great profits, and minding my own business.

I made two commitments to myself that day: firstly, to get back at them in the most positive way I could: get free of them; and secondly, to make sure I could never be controlled again.

How could I do that?

By making sure that nobody could take my car, my house, or anything else.

And the only way to make sure of that, was to eliminate my risk by eliminating my debt.

  • How could I do that?
  • It was my debt that gave me the illusion of wealth, but overnight that would have vanished once I lost my job.
  • And they encouraged the debt! As insurance salespeople we were advised to drive the smartest car we could afford to make a good impression – because people will not do business unless you were successful, and showing your success meant driving the best car you could possibly afford.

Though, until that moment, I had thought nothing of it because I could easily make the payments.

Today I am thankful for what my boss did that day. He exposed the DEBT GAME to me.”

And This Is The Game, In Short:

Employers have a vested interest in keeping their employees in debt. I saw it at that moment!

The person in debt has to keep his or her job or they lose their house, their car and everything else!

And the person in debt is going to do what their bosses instruct them to do – even if they know it is wrong – or lose their job, their security, their paycheck.

It’s not a conspiracy – it’s worse.

It’s A System.

And because you do not know how the system operates….

It's Not Your Fault!

The banks, credit card companies, bill collectors and lawyers are in the prime position of knowing what you don’t.

They know how to play the game, so

… heads, they win ... tails, you lose.

Most South Africans, including you, have been trained by the banks, lenders and credit card companies to fork over a huge portion of your income for decades to come.

The banks have a system to keep themselves wealthy, and it works like a charm on every customer... and we LET them do this to us!

It’s a sad fact… We leave it up to the banks and credit card companies to tell US how to spend OUR money.

We believe they're doing us a favor by offering us plenty of credit, and dozens of different credit cards (all with amazing offers at first, of course).

We think we're getting great deals with ‘the lowest interest rate and no closing costs’, ‘cash back for purchases’, ‘airline miles’ and ‘no annual fees’.

In reality all this benefits the banks and credit card companies by keeping us in debt and paying them huge amounts of money for it.

The banks and credit card companies teach you to make your payments based on how THEY profit the most, not how you can pay THEM the easiest and quickest way.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the longer it takes you to pay off your debts, the more money they make!

Take your 30-year mortgage, for example.

After paying on it for 15 years, you would assume that you have paid off half your debt, right?


After 15 years of hard work and faithful mortgage payments, you will have only paid off 15.2% of the balance, leaving 84.8% of your loan still to be paid (based on a 12% interest rate)

You will never truly be able to gain real wealth by using those strategies.

The reason? Our entire economy is based on DEBT! It is in the interest of the SYSTEM that you are kept in a state of ignorance.

So every element plays its part:

The educational system perpetuates the myths that keep us in debt.


Ask yourself who sponsors them? Who do they serve?

Increasingly, it’s private enterprise.

Merchants want you to want things, whether or not you need them, and they want you to buy them now, whether or not you can afford them.

The media’s role is to deliver a captive audience to its advertisers, so it is not in their interest to teach the truth – they fear that disgruntled advertisers will simply withdraw their money.

Most of what they give you is distraction and entertainment, even if they call it the news.

Governments, since being persuaded to stop spending money on looking after their people, are partners in fleecing the population.

And then of course banks and other financial and credit institutions make big profits on lending us money.

Everyone In The System Has Something To Lose If We Find Out The Truth.

Worse still, even we collude in our own slavery because we prefer ignorant bliss to change!

Did you know that the word mortgage comes from the Old French words mort ("dead") and gage ("pledge")?

It literally means death pledge.

Apparently it was called that because of the doubtfulness of whether the debt would ever be fully repaid!

How about we start calling a mortgage a death pledge – that might get people to think!

To get back to the story:

In 1984 I started then and there on a very aggressive program to eradicate my personal debt.

It took me three years and four months to become debt free.

Can you imagine how you will feel when you owe no one a cent?

When you are financially free and can live your life on your terms?

I can assure you – it’s a great feeling!

And now I want to offer you the opportunity to do the same.

The Debt Eradication Program™.

I have put together a complete home study program to help eliminate your debt in record time…

By following the Debt Eradication Program™ you can eliminate all your debt in 5 to 7 years. This includes your home mortgage, credit cards and car debts.

I used these same Debt Eradication Strategies to pay off my debt and retire financially free at the age of 37!

Over the last 10 years I have equipped thousands of my clients to use my simple Debt Eradication method to pay off tens of millions of Rand in consumer debt to become truly financially free!

The question now is: Are you ready for me to help you pay off yours?

The Debt Eradication Program™ Is NOT For Everybody.

Here’s Who I Can Help:

  • You need to be ready to discover how to pay off all of your debt, including your mortgage, in 7 years or less.
  • You MUST be an action-taker who follows directions.

If you like to “kick tires” or sign-up for programs, read books and not follow through, this is not for you.

  • You MUST be current on your payments and able to afford your current bills. It’s impossible to get the results I promise if you are cash flow negative and can’t pay your monthly bills.

That’s it!  if you meet all THREE of these requirements, we’re good.

So let’s look at the next question most clients are asking…

How is The Debt Eradication Program™ any different?

The Debt Eradication Program™ is NOT:

  • A loan consolidation plan
  • A gimmick to pay someone else to pay down your debt
  • A "find a loophole in the law" scheme
  • A debt negotiation and settlement plan
  • Another perverted "prosperity" message
  • Credit counseling

What people are saying about the Debt Eradication Course

Learn The Critical Financial Skills You Need To Rapidly Eliminate All Your Debt The Safe Way.

If you want a great primer for what it takes to get and stay out of debt, look no further. This +- 7 hour program will give you the foundation you need to get out of debt with the right mindsets and actions critical to succeed permanently.

You’ll learn:

  • How to unmask the secret system that will keep you poor without you even knowing it.
  • How to use the step-by-step debt eradication blueprint to rapidly eliminate your debt.
  • Why your debt is costing you much more than you think. In fact, it is costing 99.76% of South Africans their Financial Freedom… this is a statistic that the financial system tries to guard with its life.
  • How to strategically apply the powerful Formula For Riches® to minimize your debt for certain investment scenarios.
  • The extraordinary Accelerator Principle and how you can use it to get out of debt in months instead of years.
  • How one student eliminated more than R508 604.11 worth of debt in a single day by applying an unique little technique.
  • How to pay off your debt WITHOUT making any more money than you do right now
  • Step-by-step instructions to bring your accounts down to zero
  • A proven debt accelerator formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off millions of rands in debt
  • The difference between wise and foolish spending
  • How to uncover excess spending and use that money to accelerate your debt eradication process

The Debt Eradication Internet Course is a home study e-course.

If you have an income and any debt, this course is a good place to start. 

I will show you the quickest way to pay off debt without making any more money than you do right now.

This is a proven formula to eliminate financial risk, and it guarantees financial success.

It will take about seven hours to work through, but I promise that it will be the best investment that you will ever make.

This Course is a recording of the Debt Eradication Workshop that I presented.

Some of the lessons that we’ve covered are:

  • The Introduction to Debt
  • The Psychology to Debt
  • Unmask The Debt System
  • The Formula for Riches®
  • The True Cost of Debt
  • The Accelerator Principle™
  • The Debt Eradication System and How to Use It (Practical Exercises)
  • How to Use Debt to Build Wealth
  • How to Use Debt to Build Wealth
  • The Zagger Technique. (This technique alone is worth at least 10 times the cost of this course)
  • The Application of The LAW OF REVERSAL

There is a caution though:

You must have an Income and if you pay 70% or more of your Income off on Debt, then this Course may not be a good option for you.

This really is your best shot at being a part of a special community of people that are conquering debt and becoming financially independent!

By ordering now you will receive these SPECIAL BONUSES


  • Bonus 1: The Quick Debt Eradication Forecaster Excel Spreadsheet
  • Bonus 2: The BOSS Calculator
  • Bonus 3: Full Access To The Managing Your Money e-Course.
  • Bonus 4: The Financial Freedom Planner. (Worth R1,750.00)
  • Bonus 5: The Formula For Riches. (Worth R450.00)

*These bonuses are a special promotion that can be changed or cancelled at any time. This includes the debt eradication manual.

Debt Eradication Course

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