Are you sick and tired of the poor returns on the stock market, unit trusts, endowment policies, retirement anuities and pension or provident funds?

The Challenge:


In short, this is what you will see, experience and witness during this Explosive Growth Mentoring Course:

  • How I turn an idea into money (in the challenge it was just 5 cents).
  • At the end of the first year the investment was worth R2,208,904.00.
  • How I implement the following Wealth Creators Blueprints:
  • Financial Freedom Blueprint.
  • Business Blueprint.
  • Investment Blueprint.
  • Money Making Machine Blueprint.
  • Product Development Blueprint.
  • Business Startup Blueprint.
  • How to buy properties for free.
  • How to turn active income into passive income without paying tax on it.
  • PLUS, you will learn and be mentored on:
  • The Formula For Riches
  • I’m going to mentor and help you to develop your own Wealth Creators Roadmap


Right now, I’m giving a limited number of students access to a personal mentoring program where they will learn in real life ‒ week by week ‒ how I apply the Wealth Creators Strategy to turn just 5 cents into at least R1 million in less than a year.

The program is called the “Explosive Mentoring Program”, and as one of the participants, you will learn the insider’s secret on how to become a Wealth Creator yourself where you will be able to apply the Wealth Creators Strategy to create your own financial freedom.


  • If you’re tired of living from paycheck to paycheck and you want to take control of your financial destiny, and
  • If you want to acquire the skill to create cash or revenue on demand 24/7 from anywhere in the world, and
  • Learn how to let your money work for you instead of you working for your money…
  • Without ever relying on any financial institution or expert for investment advice…

Then this program is specifically for you.

Now, the Mentoring Program ready, and your first set of lessons are already waiting for you in the private Member’s Area, so you can get started today.

Your only job is to watch the videos, do the assignments and follow along with me, step-by-step, as we design your wealth roadmap together.

By the time the class is done, you will have a fully functional Wealth Creators Roadmap with all the blueprints and strategies that you can apply to your investments to lower your financial risk to ZERO and at the same time at least outperform your Financial Freedom Growth Rate in order to reach financial freedom without the help of any expert.

I so strongly believe that the Explosive Growth Mentoring Program will revolutionize your way to invest ‒ just like it has countless other people around the world ‒ that I'm willing to give you a 100% “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.


I guarantee you that the Explosive Growth Mentoring Program will take your quality of life to a level it has never been before.

I guarantee you that it will shave years off life's painful learning curve and help you reach your goals two to three times faster than normal.

I guarantee you that this program will be full of things that you have never heard of before and that no financial planner or expert or financial guru will share with you.



Once off payment of R 12,250.00.

The mentoring program will run over a 2-year period or until the 5 cents is worth at least R4 MILLION.

In the first year I’m going to teach and help you to set up your own Wealth Creators Roadmap.

You will learn how I apply the Wealth Creators Strategy and the Formula For Riches to the different investment levels in order to turn R1 into at least R1 million.

In year two I’m going to show you different investment strategies to turn R1 MILLION into at Least R4 MILLION...

And then how to turn that into passive income.

In short, the goal is to turn 5 cents into a passive income of more than R25,000 per month in less than two years to prove that with the right skillsets anyone can start with no money and retire two years later with a passive income that will put them in the top 0.24% in the world.


Now, you can get free advice from financial planners, brokers or the financial industry and they will all tell you the same thing ‒ invest in their products and diversify and hold on to your investment till you retire.

What are the chances that you will outperform them in their own game?

If less than 4% of all the professional fund managers can consistently outperform 12.83% ‒ that is the average growth of the JSE general index over a 10-year period ‒ and you follow their advice, which is to invest in their products, what chance do you think you will have to outperform them in their own game?


So, you and I know that for the average person it will be impossible to be financially free in less than 10 years, even if he or she invests 100% of their income per month in Unit Trusts.


There is a guaranteed way that you can be free in less than 10 years if you are willing to take the responsibility to learn how to become a Wealth Creator.

By becoming a Wealth Creator, you will be part of a Secret and Selected group of people known as “The Wealth Creators Society” who share one common secret that the rest of the world does not know:


And during this Wealth Creators Explosive Growth Mentoring Program, you will experience the magic powers of the Wealth Creators Strategy hands-on.

By applying this magic strategy to their investments, Wealth Creators:

  • Do not need money to make money,
  • Know how to buy investment properties risk free and without investing a cent of their own money,
  • Know how to never pay a cent out of their own pocket to build their wealth,
  • Never take any financial risks,
  • Create their own destiny… freedom,
  • Know how to start a multi million Rand business with no money or security,
  • Know how to legally turn taxable income into fully tax-deductible income,
  • Turn “bad” investments into an infinitely great investment,
  • They are not restricted by the New Credit Act (NCT),
  • They are not limited to raise capital from banks or other people ‒ they know how to raise money themselves, and
  • They do not pay Capital Gains Tax or Estate Duties.

Now, during this live Explosive Mentoring Program you will actually see and experience that I am going to execute all 11 points in real life.

This in itself is worth at least ten times the value of this mentoring program, because I promise you that you will not experience this anywhere else in the world.


Have you ever seen a movie where the hero finds a treasure map with secret knowledge that transforms their lives?

He then follows the direction and the clues like a roadmap to find the treasure.

Without it they are lost ‒ just like the rest.

Well, all the Wealth Creators in the world have their own Financial Freedom Roadmap.

One of the biggest secrets to success when it comes to investing and getting explosive growth on your investments is to model other Wealth Creators that have already proven to be winners.

You do not want to reinvent the wheel here.

You simply want the model that works.

I followed the Financial FREEDOM Roadmap and discovered the greatest treasure known to man ‒ FREEDOM.

By following this roadmap, I started 102 profitable investments over the last 14 years with NO money, and NO risk.

Twenty-one of these investments grew to more than
7-figure investments within the first year, and two of them went on to 8 figures.

By joining now, you will have full access to The Explosive Growth Mentoring Program where I will share with you all the blueprints, strategies and techniques that I am using to explode an investment of just 5 cents into more than One Million Rand in less than a year.

You will follow me as your mentor to see how I apply The Formula For Riches when I:

  • Start a new business,
  • Grow an existing business,
  • Start a new profit centre within an existing business,
  • Invest in properties, and
  • Invest in other businesses.

Alright… so, TO RECAP:

When you join today you will only pay R12,250.00.

You also get my 60 days 100% money-back guarantee so that you can take your time to go through the first two months of the program without any risk whatsoever.

You can cancel at any stage with no penalties.

If you do not believe that I added at least ten times more value for the month, you simply cancel your subscription and I will refund you your month’s subscription.

With my guarantee, there is literally no risk, and no way you can lose here.

Once you submit your order you’ll get instant access to the Explosive Growth Mentoring Program and the Following Special Bonuses to the total value of R9,750:


1.Neuro Training

  • The Master Key To Success. (A 49-week Success Mastering Program With Mp3 Exercises)
  • The 91 Perfect Days Challenge

2.The Financial Freedom Planner.

3.The Wealth Creators Courses.

  • The Investment Crash Course.
  • The Build A Money Making Machine With WordPress Course.
  • How To Eliminate Procrastination.
  • The Double Your Money By Working Less Course

4.Wealth Insights Training

  • Discover How To Wipe All Your Debt In 5 - 7 Years
  • Discover How To Retire In Less Than 10 Years.
  • The Two Power Habits Of Super Investors.
  • Stop Feeding The Negativity Monster


I want you to click on that Order Button right now to join, and when you do that, a fully secured check-out page will pop up in a new window.

After filling out the registration form and you’ve hit submit, you’re going to be taken to the Login page for the Explosive Growth Mentoring members’ area where you’ll enter the username and password that will be sent to you via email.

And that’s it.

Watch the welcome video to get started, and follow along as I send you a new mentoring lesson each week as I take 5 cents and turn that into a million Rand.

P.S. You will have immediate access to the Bonus Section to the value of more than R9,750 and I will suggest that you start with the Financial Freedom Planner Course.

Once you know your Financial Freedom Growth Rate (FFGR) you can start your investment journey.