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In this program you will learn the correct way to start a business with no money and no security. It is also ideal for business owners who are struggling to grow their business. You will also learn the easiest, safest and quickest way to convert active income into passive income to become financially free by using the Property Pro Investment System.

Here's what you'll get

The Rainmakers Startup Business Program & the MBR 0 (The Fundamentals) Program Valued at R 55,750.00!

The Rainmakers Startup Business Program™ (Level 1 of the MBR Program)

How do you start or grow a business without any money or security? You simply apply the Rainmakers Skill™.

The Purpose Of The Rainmakers Startup Business Coaching Course

Starting a new business, new business division, profit center or marketing strategy with a minimum of $1,000 net profit in 90 days with no initial capital investment, loans, security or any form of credit. OR To get a minimum of 1,000% growth on your initial investment with a minimum of $1,000 net profit in less than 90 days by starting a new business, new business division, profit center or marketing strategy.

This Is What You Will Learn Over The 13-Week Period:

  • The Wealth Creators Business Model™
  • The Wealth Creators Strategy™
  • The Formula For Riches©
  • The Wealth Creators Blueprint™
  • The Rainmakers Skills™
  • The difference between a startup business and an existing business.
  • Why an MBA degree is a waste of time if you want to start a business.
  • Overview and understanding of the:
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Skill
  • Value proposition.
  • Solving a problem or a need for a customer.
  • What are the problems your prospects are facing.
  • Differences between problem, need, want.
  • Customer segments.
  • WHO are your customers and why will they buy.
  • How do I get SOLUTIONS.
  • How do I get clients.
  • How do I activate clients.
  • How do I retain clients.
  • How to Create or source a Product, Program or Service.
  • What value is the customer paying for.
  • What is the strategy that I am going to use to capture that value direct sale. Is it:
  • Based on price?
  • Free and convert later?
  • License agreement?
  • What are the pricing tactics
  • Create A Relevant Brand.
  • What is the most important thing you need to do for the business – to make the business model work?
  • List building.
  • How to create marketing traction.
  • Advertising, sales letters and copy writing.
  • The 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and how to use them:
  • Leads
  • Prospects
  • Clients
  • Transaction value
  • # Of Transactions
  • Profits
  • Referrals

Plus You Will Get The Following Valuable Bonuses:

  • 1

    Bonus #1

    The Formula For Riches e-Book.

  • 2

    Bonus #2

    Recorded webinar on how I wrote an advertisement in less than an hour which made me more that R18,000,000.

  • 3

    Bonus #3

    How to make millions with Virtual Real Estate.

  • 4

    Bonus #4

    How to create your own information product to sell in less than a day.

How To Get Even More Value From The Program?
In addition you will also get access to:

  • The Rainmakers Startup Business Virtual-Coaching System™

The Rainmakers Startup Business Virtual-Coaching System™ was specifically created to provide all startup business owners with the tools, resources and support they need to accomplish their goals.

Checkpoint: At the end of every Virtual-Coaching Class, there will be a "Checkpoint" for you to track your progress. This might include tasks or worksheets to have completed, skills to learn, or strategies you have implemented.

There is only one choice and one path that will allow you to have those things… And that is to start your own profitable business… Let me guide you.

  • If you want to make more money…
  • If you want to end the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck…
  • If you want to be free…

MBR 1: Rainmakers Start-Up Business Program

*includes the MBR 0 Program

R 18,750.00

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