Wealth Creators Development Program

(Also know as the MBR: The Fundamentals)

What Is Included In The Wealth Creators Development Program™

Module 4: Wealth Creators Core™

  • Overview
  • Fundamentals
  • Wealth Creators Phases
  • Wealth Creators Levels
  • Wealth Creators Processes
  • Wealth Creators Actions
  • Wealth Creators Management
  • The Perfect Day
  • PowerGoal
  • Year Goal
  • 91 Days Goal
  • Perfect Day
  • Result Management

Module 5: Wealth Creators Foundation™

  • Overview
  • Intent
  • Belief
  • Surplus
  • Action
  • Leverage
  • Responsibility
  • Accelerator
  • Practical Application
  • Case Studies

Module 6: Wealth Creators Blueprint™


Level 0 – Wealth Creators Fundamentals

Level 1 – Rainmakers Startup Business

  • The 7 steps to start a business with no money or security in less than 91 days

Level 2 – Profit Matrix

  • The 5 profit drivers
  • How to Create Real Value
  • How to Discover The Hidden Assets in Your Business
  • How to Discover The Hidden Assets in Your Business
  • How to create your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • How to apply Risk Reversal to get more clients
  • The 3 Things Wealth Creators Need in Order to Win - BIG
  • Core and secondary profit drivers
  • How to double or even 10X the lifetime value of a client

Level 3 – How to implement business systems to automate your business

  • The product and services fulfilment process
  • Building systems to automate your business

Level 4 – Business structures

  • Get Financial and organizational structures in place
  • Get the right people for the right job
  • Apply the three step management process
  • Build affiliates, JV’s and partners
  • Create follow up promotions
  • Create feedback systems


  • 1

    Debt Eradication Internet Course.

    Normal cost is R4,950.00

  • 2

    Financial Breakthrough Experience Internet Course.

    To get a better understanding of how the system confokulates us without us knowing it. Normal cost is R4,850-00.

  • 3

    91 Perfect Day Challenge Internet Course

    to the value of R3,750.00.

  • 4

    The Financial Freedom Planner Internet Course

    to the value of R4,950.00. By using the Financial Freedom Planner you will know what IRR to get on your investment in order to reach your Financial Freedom Goal at your Goal Age. There are only two ways to get an IRR of more than 25% and that is to use Property or Business.

  • 5

    The Formula For Riches eBook

    to the value of R 375.00.

The Bonuses are not transferrable or exchangeable.

Wealth Creators Development Program

Bonus: Debt Eradication Course
Financial Breakthrough Experience
91 Perfect Days Challenge Course
The Financial Freedom Planner
The Formula For Riches eBook

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