Digital Product Development Blueprint

The Digital Product Development Blueprint will teach you the 7 step process to start and grow a multi-million rand business in less than a year.


  • It’s a course presented by Dr. Hannes Dreyer founder of the Wealth Creators University who is one of the world's leading figures in Wealth Creation.
  • In this course you will learn everything you will ever need to know to develop a Digital Product.
  • What you will also learn is how to identify your target market to advertise the product that you created to the people who matter most to you, your customers.
  • This course consists of 9 Modules that are designed to follow step by step to achieving you goals in developing your Digital Product.
  • The Digital Product Development blueprint will not only teach you how to create great products, but you will also learn all about how to setup your Landing pages after your potential customer showed interest in your product.

Here is what you will get as Special Bonuses when buying the Digital Product Development Blueprint:

  • Rainmakers Start-Up Business Program

    BONUS 01
    In this program you will learn the correct way to start a business with no money and no security. It is also ideal for business owners who are struggling to grow their business.
    Learn more…

  • The Financial Freedom Planner Course

    BONUS 02
    You will learn what IRR to get on your investment in order to reach your Financial Freedom Goal at your Goal Age.
    – Normal Price R3,950

  • The Debt Eradication Course

    BONUS 03
    You will learn is the critical financial skills you need to rapidly eliminate all your debt, the safe way. If you want a great primer for what it takes to get and stay out of debt
    – Normal Price R4,950

  • The 91 Perfect Day Challenge Course

    BONUS 04
    In this 91 day challenge, you will learn how to create your perfect day!  Successful people are in the habit of creating a perfect day!  The perfect day challenge was designed to provide you with that experience.
    – Normal Price R3,750

  • The Financial Breakthroughs Course

    BONUS 05
    In this ± 12 hour e-Course you will discover the effective mindsets, habits and actions that will accelerate your financial results exponentially
    – Normal Price R4,850

  • The Formula For Riches e-Book

    BONUS 06
    discover the key principle on which all of my Products, Workshops and Internet Courses are based.  This formula has stood the test of time.  In 30+ years it has never failed once.
    – Normal Price R350

  • Wealth Creator Basic Courses

    BONUS 07
    This Includes: The Build A Money Making Machine (WordPress) course,  The How To Eliminate Procrastination Course, The Double Your Income By Working Less Course, The Build A Money Making Machine (Blueprint) Course, Investment Crash Course
    – Normal Price R3,000

  • The Wealth Creators Development Program Course

    BONUS 08
    This program is ideal for those who just started their journey to become a Wealth Creator. It forms the core foundation to build Wealth Creators investments – and business strategy.
    – Normal Price R9,450

  • The Facebook Marketing eCourse

    BONUS 09
    This course will help anyone from a complete beginner to someone who has been using the Facebook Ad Platform for years. Learn how to advertise your business by using the cheapest method available today.
    – Normal Price R9,750

Digital Product Development Blueprint

Plus All 9 Bonuses


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Digital Product Development Blueprint


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