The Trusts For The Entrepreneur

If you’re a newbie interested in the fundamental principles of a trust, look no further.

The Complete Guide To A Successful Trust. Learn how you can grow and safeguard your wealth with this uncomplicated guide. In this +- 7 Hour program you’ll learn:

  • Why you should consider a family trust.
  • The basic trust forms, what they entail and how to use them to get the best benefits for your financial and real-estate planning.
  • How to set up a trust to keep your assets safe.
  • How to nominate beneficiaries.
  • Appointment, powers, duties and termination of trustees.
  • Retaining control of a trust.
  • Estate planning trusts.
  • Trusts and tax.
  • Inter Vivo’s Trust, Discretionary Trust, Mortis Causa Trust, Business trusts etc

This ecourse is a recording of the Trusts for the Entrepreneur and Investor Workshop that I presented. These are the topics that we’ve discussed. In our everyday encounter most of us have come into contact with the concept of a trust. Still much confusion exists as to what a trust is and how to use one in our financial affairs. The Trust Course is not intended to be a technical reference.

The idea behind the Workshop is to help you to understand the application of a trust in your everyday affairs. To help and guide you to make informed decisions. To help you to determine if you really need a trust, and if you do, how to use it to your benefit.


Trust Terminology

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Trust for Entrepreneurs

Includes the Trusts for the Entrepreneur Manual

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Trust For The Entrepreneur

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